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Built for Hidden Service.

Hidden Talk Coin is a secret data exchange system using

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The Hidden data exchange platform via blockchain.

Our coin supports data exchange within nodes without any sender and receiver's physical network information exposed.
Communicate to who you want in an encrypted environment. Send secure and private messages.
We are also working on integrating support for sending coins by username.

  • Community

    Over 5,000 people around the world participate in our community.

  • Integration

    Our features are integrated with wallet.

  • Profit

    We support masternode system with ROI.

You are hidden…
from the world.

Unidentified block synchronization and asymmetric key encryption are the main key of our concept.

All messages are safely secured by blockchain technology. Also, these messages are encrypted via asymmetric key that only receiver can decrypt. In summary, this means that in our system, nobody will know where the message came from or where it's headed to except for the communicating users themselves.


  • BTC 0.00001510
  • USD 0.13919180
  • EUR 0.11611378
  • KRW 149.631185

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ROI (annual):
701.78% / 52 days
Paid rewards for masternodes:
22,880.0000 HTK
AVG masternode reward frequency:
3h 59m 40s
Active masternodes:
1,785,439 HTK
Coins locked:
1,190,000 HTK (66.65%)
Required coins for masternode:
5,000 HTK
Masternode value:
$694.12 / 0.07550 BTC
Mining method:
Block Time:
60 seconds
Average Blocks per day:
1440 blocks
Block Reward:
20 HTK
Masternode Reward:
16 HTK (80%)
Block Reward after 6 month:
10 HTK (MN 80%)
Block Reward after 1 years:
5 HTK (MN 80%)
Block Reward after 2 years:
2 HTK (MN 50%)

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